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"All generalizations are false, including this one" ~ Mark Twain

Good morning, day, afternoon, night!

My name is Joy, I'm from Germany and there's really not much to tell.
I like art, realy all creative working actually, which includes sciency stuff and so on.
I started writing when I was about eight or nine years old and as for drawing, well I just started as a kid and never really stopped.
Then again, I only started appreciating my 'work' as 'art' when I was around ten and the puberty rollercoaster took me on a ride.
Writing in particular helped me along the way and I held it closer to my heart.
I upload every now and then, but check in regularily, so if you have anything to say or any questions, I'll see 'em and respond (even though I get lazy with replies, as most people do).

"It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt. ~Mark Twain"
  • Listening to: Breathe - Puscifer
  • Reading: It - Stephen King
  • Watching: Deathgasm (do recommend)
  • Drinking: Water
Yeah I swear to God I'm still alive.
At least for the most part, because I've been feeling pretty dead-ish lately.
I don't really have anything to update. I just really want to write and draw and create and stop holding myself back.
I could say that a lot of stuff has changed and happened, but that's just life, all the new things aren't really new things.
Things are supposed to change, I am supposed to change and nothing really comes unexpectedly, I'm developing normally in the life I have been given and that I have modified to fit my needs.
And I'm not upset about it, I'm upset about the confusion I am causing myself, which would be so easy to sort out by doing what I'm doing right now.
So this all comes down to me needing to stop doubting myself in the way I do.
I'm doing the growing up thingy and it's all better than I let myself believe.

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T-thanks so m-much for the d-donation! You're an angel!... :)
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Quirkyc Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2015
Hello, I was just wondering if you remember me, and, if so, Say Hey How are you doing?
And if not, Then Sorry for bothering you
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After your alarm goes off you lean over to shut it off. You yawn and rub your eyes, ready to start another day but then you’re startled by tall figure standing at the end of your bed and looking at you. The figure was draped in a spandex suit; that was covered in colors of red and black. The mysterious individual wore a spandex mask with black circles around the exterior of both eyes while the rest of the head was covered in a red color. The figure had to sword handles sticking up from behind its back. Its waist had an arsenal of weaponry from grenades to hand guns. “You know you drool when you sleep? And pee-eww do your farts stink, might wanna cut back on beans before bed” said the mysterious figure. “Get out of my room or I’ll call the cops!” you yell. “REALLY? YAY! I love police dogs there so cute, especially when there mauling on my arm but we’ll save that for later,  right now I’ve got something to do for my brother from another mother called Mobis. Hmm how to do this? QUE JEOPARDY ANTHEM! Do dee do doo doo do dee do I GOT IT! I’ll spell it out with bullets, Deadpool loves bullets especially when they’re not shot at me” said Deadpool. In that instant Deadpool drew out his hand guns and began to twirling, prancing and spinning around as he shot up every corner of your room “LA LAA LA LAA BANG BANG LA LAA LA LAA BANG BANG LA LAA LA LAA LAAAA BANG BANG LA LAA LA LAA BANG! And there you have it, isn’t it beautiful folks? Eat your heart out Picasso” said Deadpool. You look around your room and see in big bullet hole letters shaped into a sentence that reads from one side of your room walls to the other ‘THANKS FOR THE WATCH!’ “My…” you say in sadness as you look upon the destruction caused by Deadpool. “And there you have it folks another satisfied deviant brought you in part by Mobis-New-Nest, tune in next week as I Deadpool the great art extraordinaire visit another poor sap…uhh I mean deviant and thanks them, SEXY POSE!” said Deadpool as he broke the fourth wall while posing and blows his audience a kiss.
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